Earth Energy

Earth Energy

We are passionate in our belief that renewable energy is the future, for our homes and for our planet. And we’re not alone – renewable energy has become a real alternative to traditional, unsustainable sources and is now becoming commonplace in modern homes today.

Collinton Earth Energy is committed to delivering innovative, ethical and technically superior, sustainable energy designs and solutions for your home, reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs. We provide fully integrated, renewable and energy efficient heating, cooling, hot water and electricity generating solutions.

Working closely with our clients to make sure we find a package to suit their particular needs, we are always on hand to give practical advice and support along the way – delivering and installing systems that will control running costs, give exceptional performance and efficiency.

Collinton Earth Energy solutions include: solar panels, underfloor heating, biomass, heat pumps and log burners.

Xcel Heat Banks

Collinton Earth Energy would like to introduce another partnership Thermal Integration Ltd who are an innovator in the field renewable energy.

Introducing the Xcel Heat Bank is a hot water storage unit that allows simultaneous multiple connections from any heat producing unit such as, biomass boilers, air & ground source heat pumps, solar thermal panels as well as gas & oil boilers. The unit is suitable for connection to any type of heating system and will also give a very high flow of domestic hot water making it suitable for today’s high performance shower systems.

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Collinton aims to provide a highly energy efficient hot water storage unit for any domestic property.