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Which micro-renewable energy technologies are you considering?

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Ground source heat pump Outdoor air heat pump Heat recovery heat pump Heat recovery ventilation Solar PV Solar Thermal Wood-burning stove Wood & Pellet Boilers 


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 Bungalow Extension 2 Storey Conservatory 3 Storey Apartment 4 Storey Other Barn Conversion
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Traditional SIP Timber Frame Other 


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New Triple Glaze New Double Glazing Existing Double Glaze Single Glazing 
Timber Suspended Beam & Block Solid Floor Other 


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Ground Source Heat Pump Air Source Heat Pump Exhaust Air Heat Pump Condensed Combi Boiler Electric Boiler Condensing Gas Boiler mCHP LPG Boiler Pellet Boiler Oil Boiler Wood Boiler Other 

Solar Thermal Wood burning stove Heat pump Electric Oil Gas 


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Solar PV Heat recovery ventilation Cooling 
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Radiators Underfloor Heating Both 

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Low Temperature Oversized Standard Unknown Type 

Single Phase 3 Phase 


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Self Install Local Plumber Collinton Registered Installer Not Sure Other 

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Slate Tile 
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30° 45° 60° Vertical Flat 


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